Some Way Cool Pups on a Day in Spring

Two walks today – Bellingham boardwalk and Lake Padden – felt so good to stretch my legs and immerse myself in spring. Met some way cool dogs and their humans on my walks. There’s Gloria sitting on a rock along Bellingham Bay with her pup, Nala. And there are Oliver and Chip on a walk with their humans around Lake Padden (not pictured with Oliver and Chip are their pup buddies, Cooper and Koda.)

Mother’s Day in Bellingham

A young man appeared in the Village Green carrying a large bouquet of flowers. “Are those for your mom?” I asked. He smiled and confirmed that they were. “You are a wonderful son!” I said. “Can I take your picture?” And the young man – I learned his name was Christian – obliged and smiled for my camera. He said he was going to treat his mom to brunch at the Colophon Cafe, which, coincidentally, was where my family was going to celebrate Mother’s Day with me.

After brunch my sons and their wives (my new daughters!) and my husband joined me on a quick walk to look out over Bellingham Bay. We had a break in the rain and the sun was shining and everyone was smiling and cheerful. A trio of women walked past – one of them pregnant – and I said, “I hope they’re all celebrating YOU today!” The three women (Maril, Jemia, and Ashley) laughed and I learned that they represented three generations – four, if you counted the little life in the pregnant woman. I asked if I could take their picture, and they smiled and gave me permission to photograph them – first, with one of their cameras, and then with mine.

Meet Patrick and Amy, Bicyclists Extraordinaire

I ran into these two very cool people at Sisters Espresso. Patrick and Amy are on different bike-riding adventures, and just happened to show up at Sisters Espresso at the same time. Patrick is riding his bike home to Blaine after riding it to Arizona, and Amy is riding from Lopez Island to Yellowstone in Wyoming. Patrick says his next bike trip will take him across country to Maine.

Blustery Day on Bellingham Bay

The power went out at our home and so I decided to get away from the cold inside our house and drive up to Bellingham for an invigorating walk on the boardwalk (for me, being cold INSIDE the house feels way different than being cold OUTSIDE the house). The boardwalk was a wonderful adventure yesterday – I got caught in great galloping gusts of wind – I nabbed a plastic bag as it flew by me, looking like some scared flapping bird; a hummingbird zigzagged through the air and photo bombed a picture I was taking of another bird in the bushes; a squirrel peeked out at me from the top branches of a maple tree; and bunnies skidaddled left and right all caught up in the excitement of spring. After I finished my walk I ducked inside the Colophon Cafe and got all cozy with a warm mocha and a nice brunch. Then I went upstairs to the Drizzle Tasting Room and bought a bottle of lime olive oil and chatted for a bit with Kyla and Quinn, who were manning the counter there.

Here are some photos from my morning…

The Great Horned Owlet Adventure

My former student and one of my favorite people in the world, Austin Breckenridge, invited me to watch a pair of great horned owlets getting tagged yesterday by biologist Jeff Kidd. What an amazing gift! Here are some photos from The Great Owlet Adventure. (Skagit County, Washington.)

(Photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell.)

A Walk on the Bellingham Boardwalk

Today I went on my walk in Bellingham and I felt this irrepressible joy blooming in my heart. Sunshine and puppies and smiles greeted me along the boardwalk. I met Rafi – who was carrying his baby daughter in the “old-fashioned” way – in his arms. I met Lucy and Foxy – who gave me sweet puppy smiles. I met Bill and Jan, who’d known each other in high school, and found each other again 50 years later. Together, Bill and Jan and I watched Ursa the Dog splash into the bay to fetch a stick her human had thrown. Ursa hesitated as the cold water hit her tummy – but finally gathered her courage and forged into the water to retrieve that stick. And once Ursa finally brought the stick back, she couldn’t wait for her human to throw it again. Bill and Jan and I rooted for Ursa, and applauded from the sidelines.

It was a great morning.

Bellingham’s Award-Winning Scone

Okay, I am a proud scone grandma and I’ve just got to share: The classic scone at SconeGrown in Bellingham, Washington, owned by my son, Xander, and my daughter-in-law, Kyla, was recently chosen by PETA as one of the top ten vegan desserts IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!!! No, I am not kidding. It is, in fact, the only dessert in the Pacific Northwest to make the top ten this year.

I visited Scone Grown last week and had this tangy tastebud-pleasing delight – my new favorite scone – I present to you the orange spice scone with orange curd:

SconeGrown’s Orange Spice Scone with Orange Curd
Vegan Dessert Award from PETA

A Gift of Fresh Air and Birds

I’m trying to find the words to describe what the magic of yesterday meant to me. I woke up feeling unsettled. Disturbed. Scared even. Trying to find some peace about the state of our world. But one of my former eighth graders, Austin (who’s all grown-up now and father to an amazing grade schooler), gave me a huge gift yesterday that helped me remember what a wonderful world we live in. Austin invited me to help chaperone a group of youngsters on a four-mile birding adventure near Edison, Washington. It was cosmic, my friends. The snow geese flew circles around us – it felt like we were inside a snow globe of snow geese!; the trumpeter swans and Canada geese honked their greetings to us as they flew by; a mama horned owl eyed us from her perch above her nest; a seal raised his head above the Samish River; eagles flew all around us; and peacocks! – yes, there were even peacocks! – and I took a photo that proves that peacocks actually DO fly (sort of).

My lungs got all filled up with fresh air and my soul got all filled up with beauty today. I don’t know how to begin to thank Austin for this gift.

Here are some pictures…

Meet My New Friend, Bridger

Karen Molenaar Terrell
So a cool thing happened this morning: I was up in Bellingham, doing my walk, and when I got to Boulevard Park I saw a man using one of those ball launchers to fling a tennis ball to his dog. I was smiling at the dog as I came around on the path. And then – to my surprise and delight – the dog nabbed the tennis ball his human flung to him and brought it to ME! He laid it down at my feet and looked up at me, hopefully. I’m pretty sure the dog was smiling. I picked up the ball and threw it back towards the dog’s human – but the ball only got about half-way there. The dog picked it up and brought it back to me again! I was so tickled that the dog chose to include me in his game. I threw it again and the dog went chasing after it.

Birch, the dog’s human, told me his dog’s name is Bridger – like Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. (One of my mountain-climbing dad’s favorite places.)

Bridger made my day.

Here’s a picture of Bridger smiling at me…

Bridger, My New Friend