Daniel and Ginger

Meet Daniel and Ginger – Daniel of the smiling face and Ginger of the big “sticks” (her human tells me Ginger is known as the “branch manager” in the neighborhood – she clears away the fallen branches after every storm – she is a dog with a purpose).



Selkie the Dog

Here are some photos from my weekend tromping around the by-ways and paths of Bellingham, Washington…

  • I met Selkie, the shift-changing dog. (“What kind of dog IS that?!”)
  • Cormorants played “musical chairs” on the posts in Lake Padden.
  • Moss festooned the forest in brilliant green.
  • Pink blossoms sprouted from a Viburnum tree in Boulevard Park. (But… it’s January!)



Joy in Bellingham

Merry Christmas and happy New Year and happy whatever-it-is you-celebrate-when-the-days-start-being-filled-with-more-light! May Life bless you with all good, and may your days be filled with laughter and love and peace and good will towards all creation, and infinite joy!

Joy in Bellingham, Washington…
(photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

A Lovely Morning

A toddler is scampering around Boulevard Park, sporting a big grin. I mention to the mom that her child looks happy just to be alive. The mom laughs and agrees. “I know, right? I’m learning so much from this. It doesn’t take much to be happy. Rocks! Rocks!” she says, imitating her child’s excitement over finding some cool rocks.

I’d planned to just walk to Boulevard Park from Fairhaven, but my feet had other ideas and pretty soon I found myself at the Farmers Market downtown.¬†I was drawn to the artwork of Jill Bliss (“Is that your real name? It is?! Wow! It’s a perfect name for an artist!”) and chatted with her for a while – she’s had a really interesting life – she’s lived on several of the San Juan Islands at different times as a care-taker and naturalist, and has used those experiences in her artwork.

Goldeneye ducks bobbing around on the bay, seals diving beneath the water, trumpeter swans winging overhead.

Back to Fairhaven – I look in the window of CreativiTea and see Kyla in the kitchen – I go in for a quick hug before I begin my journey back home…

A lovely morning.

Ghosts of Christmas Past in Bellingham

Here are some happy ghosts from Christmas Past…



Kinship in a Grin and a Nod

A runner jogged up the boardwalk
from the other direction and got caught
behind three laughing young women
and a dog stretched to the end of his leash
across the width of the boardwalk, oblivious 
to the runner behind them, and oblivious
to me in front of them. The runner stopped
and waited and caught my eye and smiled
and I smiled back as I halted for the trio
and their dog to move past me. Then when
we were both finally able to move again,
the runner and I acknowledged our kinship
with a grin and a nod, and continued on
our respective journeys along the boardwalk
in the sunshine on a sunny autumn day.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

Bellingham Boardwalk from Thom's Bench

Bellingham boardwalk. photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell.