Bellingham’s Boardwalk: Fear-Free Zone

When I feel anxious or disturbed about the state of the world – when the news seems filled with pictures of hate-ism, greed and fear – I know that I’ll find peace on the boardwalk in Bellingham, Washington. Here – in this little microcosm of civilization – you’ll find people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, races, ethnicities, religions and non-religions mingling together in happy communion. It is a fear-free zone.

Here are some photos from today’s hike along the boardwalk…


Scruffy the Pomskey

What do you get when you cross a Husky with a Pomeranian? Scruffy! (I met Scruffy at Boulevard Park in Bellingham, WA.)
(And there’s a kind of cool picture of Scruffy on the bottom  – not sure how it happened, exactly, but it looks sort of like a nebula. Or something.)

Scruffy the Pomskyweird dog face picture this one 2

A Heron, Four Turtles, and a Duck

Found magic today at Lake Padden in Bellingham: Came upon a heron, four turtles, and a duck sharing a log and chillin’ together. The Peaceable Kingdom. 🙂

(Photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

A Jolly Otter, a Rainbow Sailboat, and a Seagull

Saw some of my favorite things in Bellingham yesterday – a rainbow sailboat, a jolly otter, and a seagull in the seaweed…

This Weekend in Bellingham

What a dazzling, beautiful weekend in Bellingham! Bellingham sparkled with sunshine and springtime…

On Saturday I walked from Fairhaven to downtown Bellingham, stopped for lunch at La Fiamma’s, and then hiked back to Fairhaven again. Along the way I met some way cool people following clues for The Whatcom Mystery Team on the trail – and I was there when Josiah found a clue!

And on Sunday I took a quick walk from Fairhaven to Boulevard Park – saw birds on the water, in the trees, flying in the air – and met a precious family of pups – Duke the pitbull, and his siblings, Bow and Little…