In a Bubble in the Fog

In a peaceful bubble inside the fog
I sit on a picnic bench, sipping my mocha,
and watch the mother playing with her toddlers
on the beach – constructing buildings of sand
and a woman is lifting her kayak onto her car
“Can I help?” I ask. She laughs behind her mask
and shakes her head no – she has done this
many times before – but thank you for the offer!
For a little while I take a break from what lies
on the other side of the grounded clouds.
Without being able to give you the reasons why
I know I am safe in this bubble in the fog.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

The Little Nut Who Would Not Be Ignored

The oldest son and I were sitting at a picnic bench in Boulevard park the other day – just chatting and looking at the doings around us – when suddenly this little acorn plopped down from the sky and landed on the table between us. We both started laughing – it was like this little fellow did not want to be ignored – “Here I am! Here I am!” So I brought him home and today I planted him in a pot. We shall see what happens…

Making a New Friend in the Time of COVID-19

So Scotty and I take a walk on the boardwalk. When we get down to Boulevard Park I’m thinking vegan pizza from Ovn, right? I make a call and order the pizzas – a couple to bring home to our vegan young people, too. Matt takes my order. I can tell right away – from our quick banter and the smile in his voice – that he has a sense of humor. I can have some fun here. We get to the part where I give him my credit card info and now he wants to know my name. 🙂
Karen: Okay, so my name is… don’t laugh… my name is Karen.
Matt: (Laughing.)
Karen: (Laughing.) You’re laughing.
Matt: (Continues laughing.) I’m only laughing because you told me not to laugh. But you sound like a very nice Karen.
Karen: (Still laughing.) Thank you.

Matt tells me that the pizza should be ready in 20 minutes – which is just about right for our walk back up from Boulevard Park.

When we get up to Ovn I give a call to let them know we’ve arrived. When Matt picks up the phone I feel myself instantly smiling – I’m so glad it’s him! He knows how to laugh.
Karen: This is Karen. We’re here now. Hey – do you have any truffle salt?
Matt: No, unfortunately we don’t have any right now – we can’t import it because of COVID.
Karen: Bummer. Do you have any other cool stuff there?
Matt: (Laughing.) We have all kinds of cool stuff here. We’ve got smoked salt and habanero salt. We’ve got… (and he lists a whole bunch of other salts – but my mind has wrapped itself around habanero salt – that sounds pretty interesting.)
Karen: Habanero salt – does that have any animal products in it?
Matt: No animal products. It’s really spicey, though.
Karen: Spicey! Cool! We’ll take a habanero salt and a smoked salt, too.
Matt: You got it!
Karen: Thank you!

Pretty soon Matt comes out with the pizzas. I finally get to see my new friend! Of course, we’re both wearing masks – but I can still tell he’s smiling under there.
Matt: Are you Karen?
Karen: Yes – are you Matt?
Matt: (Smiling.) Yes. Here are your pizzas. (Hands me the stack of pizzas.) Thank you for giving Karens such a good name.
Karen: Thank you so much! It was nice meeting you!

Watching People Being Awesome

I sat at a picnic table near the children’s play area at Boulevard Park and watched people being awesome and doing good things. There was Susanne, picking up the litter she found (“I was a Girl Scout, ” she said. “Old habits die hard”). And there were Ashley (with her pup, Okanee) and Trista sitting on a couple of benches below me, becoming new friends across a socially-safe distance. And there were parents getting their children outside for fresh air and sunshine. And Alden and Ducklin carrying around a log that they just really liked. And old friends chatting and laughing together. I felt inspired by my fellow beings today.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

Ten Perfect Minutes

I found ten perfect minutes today – sitting in the shade outside Wood’s coffee shop at Boulevard Park – all alone in the space set aside for patrons, sipping my blueberry-spinach-coconut milk smoothie. I watched the sailboats and paddle boarders and kayakers gliding by on Bellingham Bay – and, with my mask securely fastened about my face – asked a pair of friends who’ve known each other for 40 years if I could take their photo for them – they said yes and thank you. 🙂 Another pair of friends – a black woman and a white woman – walked by and stopped on the walk in front of me to look out at the water – and I had to comment on the beautiful sweater one of the friends was wearing – she smiled and thanked me and told me she ordered her sweater online. Just as I was contemplating leaving and continuing on with my walk a family came out of the coffee shop and joined me in the space for patrons – my table was the only one in the shade, and I told them that I was leaving and they could sit where I was. They smiled and – making sure to keep the proper social distance – we moved around each other and they took over the table out of the sun.

Ten perfect minutes is a pretty wonderful thing.

– Karen Molenaar Terrell

Prophecy of the Snow White Goose

Saw a white goose hanging out with a gaggle of Canada geese today. I thought that was pretty cool. Made me think of that white buffalo prophecy. So I created my own prophecy:

The Prophecy of the Snow White Goose

And in the day that the snow white goose shall appear
amongst the Canada geese and slurp seaweed
and honketh together as family – in that day shall we
see how all creatures should live together
and in that day shall we know harmony. 🙂
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

Photos from July 4, 2020 in Bellingham, WA.

Sweet Peas and an Essential Worker

Photos from my walk in Bellingham today: Sweet peas on the knoll above the boardwalk; and Morgan from Woods Coffee – I find myself apologizing now for being named “Karen” – but Morgan made me feel better about that – “You seem like a nice Karen to me.”

Black Lives Matter Rally in Burlington, WA

I’m so glad I could be a part of the Black Lives Matter rally today. I ran into some of my favorite people: the Templetons, Bailey, Summer, Charles, and Pam. I cried (The “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” chant especially got to me). I laughed (when one guy gave us the finger – I pointed to my sign – “TRUTH JUSTICE KINDNESS” – and wondered what part of this he had a problem with). I waved to the people passing in cars – the support from the people in their cars really inspired me – there were a lot of thumbs up and there were a lot of horns being honked. At one point Salvation Army volunteers came through with a wagon of free water and snacks for the protesters – that was cool. As I was leaving I stopped to thank the police officers for coming and giving us their support and that’s when I saw Iris was there, too – she was chatting with the officers – and they all let me take their photo. There were also a few guys with assault rifles and whatnot standing off to the side in a clump. Not sure what they were all about – but I took their pictures, too.

Click on the link below for the photos… 

Black Lives Matter Rally in Burlington, WA