Bellingham Musicians

Memories of the many marvelous music-makers I’ve met on my meanderings in Bellingham over the miles…



Bella from Bellingham

Here’s Bella! Her humans tell me she’s a rescue dog, suffering from glaucoma – and that she needs to wear shades to protect her eyes. But I think she is a total rock star. And there’s little Elda – look at the size of her paws!

Scenes from the Anacortes Arts Festival

Some photos from this year’s Anacortes Arts Festival. The bicyclists are Chen and Louisa and they are on a bike ride from Baltimore to Seattle for the Ulman Cancer Fund – they are very cool.


Busking Brothers

Busking brothers, Benjamin and Sam, in Bellingham…

And Bridesmaids Hoola-Hooping in the Park…

Seen in Bellingham, Washington: Baylee and Carolyn with rainbows on their heads, sweet peas growing on the side of the trail, and bridesmaids hoola-hooping in Boulevard Park…

Saving a Butterfly

Something happened this week in Bellingham that really touched my heart. When I got out of the car in the parking lot I saw this little orange butterfly flitting around in front of me – it landed on the grass, then it fluttered up to the hollyhock bushes, then back to the grass, then it landed on the asphalt at the entrance to the parking lot. I was smiling at her, stealthily moving up to get a picture, when a car started to pull into the parking lot. The driver – a young man – must have seen the expression of horror on my face as I looked at the asphalt in front of his car. He abruptly stopped – his tires just a few feet from the butterfly – and watched and waited for me – knowing there was a problem, but not sure what it was – waiting to see what I was going to do about it. I hurried in front of his car and gently nudged the back of the butterfly – and she fluttered off the pavement and flew away. The man saw then why he’d needed to stop. He looked at me and we smiled at each other and gave each other the thumbs up. We’d just saved a butterfly’s life together! How cool is that?!!

butterfly this one


A Morning in the Park

Scotty and I walked along the boardwalk this morning and saw all kinds of interesting people and things. We met this couple who’d just finished the first eight miles of their bike trip across America to Maine – their names were Nicky and Geoff and they were from New Zealand. We saw Coast Guard boats and seagulls doing maneuvers in the bay, and a woman doing research on the shore. There was a man flying a kite. And there were flowers!