Alex Tilley, Runner Extraordinaire. And a Blanket of Starfish, Too!!!

So I’m doing my usual saunter down the boardwalk, and this  young man goes racing by me – excellent runner’s form – shoulders low, arms pulling him forward, good pace. I have a flashback to my sons’ high school cross-country meets – good memories. And continue on. Not much time goes by, and now I see this same runner sitting on a bench in the park – I note that it did not take him long to pass  me, and then return to the park. I have to ask: “Are you getting ready for cross-country season?” And he grins and says that he graduated from Western (Western Washington University) last Spring, and he used to run track for WWU – he can already feel himself getting out of shape without the discipline of the team, he says – and he’s trying to get back into shape. I am impressed by this. I think back to my own track and field days, years ago, and how kind of cavalier I was about my athleticism. Took it for granted. Never occurred to me, as a youth, that one needed to be disciplined about that sort of thing.  But this young man gets it. He introduces himself  – his name is Alex Tilley.  He’s friendly and good-natured, and tells me – without any hint of conceit or egotism – that he holds some records at WWU.  (I googled. He does.)   I ask him if I can put him in my blog, and he cheerfully agrees to this. And I think this is what impresses me the most – not his records or discipline – but his open friendliness to a perfect stranger.  Cool young man.

I continue on my saunter, and in a few yards I run into Savannah and her mom having a picnic on the boulders. Have to get a picture of that, too, of course.

As I’m leaving the park I glance down and see what looks to be a purple blanket covering the rocks next to the bay. What the…? I look again and see that it’s actually a blanket of purple starfish … very cool!

Another fine day on Bellingham Bay.


Hike to the Chain Lakes… well, okay… one Chain Lake – but it was a really good Chain Lake

The hills around Mount Baker were alive with happy campers today. Literally. I was especially taken with Winston the Dog – a superb hiker and born glissader, if ever I saw one.  It also warmed the cockles of my heart to see so many youngsters tromping around in the mountains with big knapsacks on their backs, enjoying the Great Outdoors with their folks. It brought back memories of my own family  hikes as a kid, and hikes I took with my sons when they were young.

Kudos to every parent who’s taking the time to show their children that there are places to have fun that aren’t connected to the internet… 🙂


“There are no ordinary moments.”

“There are no ordinary moments.” – Dan Millman

Marty maintains the boardwalk ; Patty and Robby sit outside Woods Coffee Shop creating dream-catchers and rings; Gabe and Dylan stretch their slackline between two trees and keep themselves primed for rock-climbing; and Gabe and Lorelei exchange vows, with Bellingham Bay as their backdrop There are no ordinary moments in Boulevard Park. And there are no ordinary people there, either. 🙂