Jamie launches himself into the drink… (Never a Dull Moment on the Boardwalk)

So as I start walking down the ramp I see a young man in what looks to be his jammies – the footy kind – walking his bike up to the top of the ramp.  There is a story here, I’m thinking. I snap a picture of him at the top of the ramp and begin to walk down. A minute later I hear this clattering sound and the young jammy-clad man goes sailing by me, plastic flotsam and jetsam attached to his bike and rattling along behind him. I nab a quick picture of him and then suddenly he’s airborne – and – only because my camera’s still out – I’m able to take a picture of him as he launches himself (and his bike) into the drink. I am cracking up. When I get down to the bottom of the ramp, I learn the young character is named Jamie. “Jammy Jamie” tells me this was all a part of a school project that involves making something of wood. (?) (His friends are grinning and shaking their heads “no” – so I myself am a little skeptical about the whole “school project” thing.)


Bellingham Bay in Gray

Gray is beautiful… 🙂

Sunbreak in Bellingham

If you live in Arizona you probably do not know what the term “sunbreak” means. But my fellow Washingtonians will understand… 🙂

A Most Excellent Snowshoe Trip

Great day snowshoeing at Mt. Baker…

The Time I Forgot to Recharge My Camera Battery

So. Yeah. The title pretty much says it all. 🙂 But if I’d been able to take more than the three pictures below…

…this is what I would have shared with you:

*  Lake through branches: Spangles through gray lace. White stars sparkling on dark chocolate ripples.

* A mossy branch covered in ferns arching over the creek: a piece of the Hobbit’s shire.

* Freshly-cut cedar – the newly-opened wound a rich orange-red, the logs from the tree angled in front – rustic, primitive benches carved out of them – also red-orange where the saw moved through the meat of the wood to fashion the bench seats.

* Little mushrooms with jaunty silver caps, growing out of nature’s mulch.

* Reflection of gray-barked trees – straight lines reflected in straight lines across the lake.

* Toddler being pushed in a red plastic car-stroller. Now that’s the way to travel!

* Two ferrets on leashes – fluffy and soft. Sweet Pea,  is dark-eyed and white-furred.  Her brother, Mr. Magoo, is an albino – ruby eyes and snowy-white fur – he cuddles under my chin.

* Koko, the Rottweiller pup, weaves between my legs, rests his big baby paws on my knee caps. I  pet his head and ears, while he tries to lick my hands. Koko gets his name from the gorilla who learned sign language, his owner tells me.

* Hip white-haired lady with a humongo camera hanging from her neck and a way cool black hat with a red feather sticking out of it.  She looks at me and smiles the same smile I’m smiling at her. Ah – a kindred spirit!

* Driving back home, the car to the left has a bumper sticker: “I love Koko.”  Whoahhh! One of life’s cool coincidences…

Signs of Spring…

We’ve got buds! And a bird’s nest! And lawn bowling! And … a cup… in a tree… ?

Seagull Part-ay!

Bellingham Bay: Where the seagulls part-AY!