Bringing Kathi on my walk…

Today I took my friend, Kathi, for a walk with me. Well. Okay, not technically. I mean. Kathi lives in Nova Scotia – which makes it a little difficult to actually go on a walk with her. But I brought her with me in my thoughts…


Dear Kathi,

It looks like it’s going to be gorgeous out today! 
I think I’ll get dressed and go up to Bellingham right now for a walk on the boardwalk. I so wish you could join me! We’d start in the artsy Fairhaven district – maybe grab some tea and a scone at Tony’s – then we’d walk down to the boardwalk and take pictures of boats bobbing around on the bay and little puppies wiggling at the end of their leashes. We’d stop in the park and take a look at the renovations there. Then we’d hike another mile and a half to the Farmers Market in downtown Bellingham. Maybe buy a jar of home-made honey, and listen to the musicians sharing their gifts…




Boulevard Park Renovation

The walkway that runs along the shore in Boulevard Park is open again! This is HUGE, my friends, HUGE!!!  I asked the workers who were putting the finishing touches on the park if it was okay to walk along the path again – I felt like I needed permission or something – and they smiled and nodded their heads yes – and I once again stepped into a part of the park that has been fenced-off since June.  I felt like I was visiting an old friend.

Below, mixed in with the usual Bellingham Bay photos,  are some before, during, and after pics of the park’s renovation:

Walking in Gold

Gold is dripping from the trees, floating and drifting onto the paths around Bellingham, gilding the maples, glowing through evergreen portals…

I met some new friends – Jami Templeton was in the Village Green with her voice students ( ) ; Diesel the Puppy was clambering over driftlogs on the beach; a couple of friendly missionaries were handing out The Book of Mormon and enjoying the sunshine; Abril was celebrating her quencenera at Boulevard Park; and two of my  former students, Chaya and Laura, were taking a walk on the boardwalk and spotted me snapping photos – it was most excellent to see them again!

Celebrating Canada’s Thanksgiving in Bellingham

Canada celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend. And I celebrated with my Canadian friends  – in my own way.  There wasn’t any turkey or dressing or pie. But there was gratitude. And there was celebration.  There was a meeting of hearts. And there were Canadians. 🙂

On impulse I went to Lake Padden to see how the autumn coloring was unfolding there – and I walked right into the middle of a college cross-country meet sponsored by Western Washington University, and featuring runners I’d known from my sons’ high school cross-country days.  A former teaching colleague came up and gave me a big hug, and my friend, Shelly, was there, too – to watch her son run the race. Such an unexpected pleasure to see my friends there.

The next day I drove up to Bellingham to take a walk along the boardwalk.  I stopped in at the Harris Street Cafe for a quick bite of lunch.  As I was chowing down on southwestern-style tomatoey soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, an attractive couple walked in and sat down at the table next to me. There was something about the way they were dressed – a sort of classy put-together look – that told me they were Canadian (I was sporting my usual costume – a t-shirt with crumbs on it, my old capris, and a pair of comfy sneakers).  Of course, I had to ask. They confirmed they were, indeed, from Vancouver, and we chatted for a bit about the beauty of Bellingham, the beauty of Vancouver, and all the fantastic places there are to eat in Fairhaven. I love meeting new friends…

Bellingham Treasures

So in the last few months a lot of Bellingham mysteries have been solved for me. I’d always wondered, for instance, who owns the Obamacar – and a month ago, under most serendipitous circumstances, I met Sherry, the car’s owner,  who told me something of the Obamacar’s story.  For years I’d been admiring the beautiful banners that you see hanging on poles around Bellingham – and one day a few months ago, I saw a man putting the banners up at the Fairhaven Farmers Market, introduced myself to him, and so met Harry, the man who makes all those beautiful banners. And now and then I’d seen a Fire Truck with the “F” missing – making it the Ire Truck – which totally cracked me up – and finally one day last summer I met Matt, the Ire Truck’s owner. And today? Today I met Lanny Little,  the man who paints the fantastic pictures in the Fairhaven Green! I happened to be returning to my car when I spotted Lanny and his artist friend, Rick Bulman, adding more pictures to the side of a building in Fairhaven.

Treasures. Bellingham is peopled with treasures.

I wonder who will be the next treasure I meet… 🙂

A Sail on a Tall Ship

For a couple of years now I’ve watched the Tall Ships on Bellingham Bay and dreamed of someday sailing on one.  And today I got my chance! My husband and I joined colleagues from Emerson High School for a sail on Seattle’s Elliot Bay aboard The Adventuress – a Tall Ship celebrating its centennial year. We sang sea shanties, got a lesson in marine biology, helped hoist the sails, took a tour of the ship, and learned of its history. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for our sail – sunny skies, and a good wind to keep the sails full…

A “Peaceable Kingdom”


Bees and blossoms,  heron and seagull, kitty and puppy – a peaceable kingdom in Bellingham…