Lincoln City, 2014


My husband and I  first came to Lincoln City, Oregon, on our honeymoon 30 years ago, and, with the exception of one or two years, have been returning every year since then. Here is what we found waiting for us this year…


Hidden Pictures on a Drizzly Day


When I was a little girl I used to love the hidden pictures in the Highlights Magazine – finding cool things hidden away in what, at first glance, seemed an ordinary picture felt like going on a treasure hunt.

Today it felt like I was finding real life hidden pictures – there were all kinds of amazing things hidden in this cold, gray, drizzly day on Bellingham Bay: an otter skimming along the shorline, a seagull dropping clams onto the dock, Jessica on her birthday walk, cormorants grooming themselves, and Whitney and Daniel with pups hanging around their necks.

Panning for Gold…

Met new friends at CreativiTea tea shop today – Tiffany was introducing Ayana and Mami, foreign exchange students from Japan, to the wonders of tea time in Bellingham when I discovered them – and they graciously agreed to let me take their pics…

After my adventure in Bellingham, I went in quest of gold… and this is what I found…

He is going to flip, isn’t he?

untouched photo

untouched photo

I could see him – standing on the very edge of the dock, poised – and I’m thinking, “He is going to flip into the water, isn’t he?” And sure enough… 🙂

I love Bellingham folks. And pups. 🙂

Errand Day: LaConner to Bellingham

Today was Errand Day… started out in LaConner and worked my way north to Bellingham. And, lo and verily, it was all good. 🙂


I am a little full of myself right now… :)

Ayden, Matt, and Jon brought their metal detector and a car window ice-scraper (for digging) to Boulevard Park and went in search of treasure. I met up with them right after Ayden had metal-detected himself a quarter. Very cool. I congratulated Ayden on his find, and then asked the three treasure-hunters what their biggest find of the day was so far. They started cracking up. “The quarter,” Ayden answered. I got the distinct impression that finding treasure wasn’t really their goal. I mean… treasure?! Who needs treasure when you’ve got good friends, a day of possibilities, and time to spend with each other.


Okay, I am a little full of myself right now.  Today my copies of the spring 2014 edition of The Bellingham Review arrived in the mail. Four pages of my photos are in there – along with the writings of some really fine authors from Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Georgia, DC, Colorada, Texas, Maine, Wisconsin, California, Indiana, Alabama… It’s very cool  to be a part of this…