The Last Weekend in September

On the way back from a visit with my folks I stopped off at Point Defiance Park – haven’t been there for years – but back when I was in my tweens it was one of my favorite places…

And here are some pics from today’s visit at Lake Padden Park in Bellingham…


Seeing Red in Bellingham 2015

Seeing red in Bellingham…

Days of September on Bellingham Bay

Ah, September… 🙂

Sunset from the Chuckanut Manor

Celebrated my birthday dinner at the Chuckanut Manor on Tuesday. When we came out of the restaurant and into the parking lot this is what was waiting for us… 🙂

Sunset from the Chuckanut Manor (photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

Sunset from the Chuckanut Manor (photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

My Sometimes-Annual Almost-Birthday Hike on Table Mountain

Photos from yesterday’s hike on Table Mountain in the North Cascades of Washington state…

First Saturday in September in Bellingham

Sunny, but with a little crispness to the air… the first Saturday in September.

Double Rainbow in Bow

I think there must be a rainbow farm to the east of my deck – I’ve seen three or four rainbows growing out there in the last couple years. Last night the rainbow orchard yielded some really beautiful fruit…:)