Skyline Divide Trail 2016

Took our annual trek up to the Skyline Divide trail in the North Cascades today. On a clear day there’s a 360 degree view up there – you can see Mount Baker, and Mount Shuksan and the Cascade Range. But today it was cloudy on top. That was kind of cool in its own way, though, because the clouds framed random spots and helped us focus on things we might not have noticed before.

There were some really wonderful people up there today, too. I made some new friends from India, and some more new friends from Vancouver, Canada, and our dog had all kinds of canine company along the trail…



Taking Care of Each Other in Bellingham

So here’s a cool thing: I went up to Bellingham for my walk today. Had a great walk – ran into a lot of friendly Pokemon hunters and other cool people.🙂 On the way out I thought I’d make a quick stop at Haggens for groceries. There was a man there, holding a sign that said “Help. Need food.” I asked him if I could buy him something in the Haggens and he said that would be great – he said he was “starving.”

So I went in and picked up some apples, a bag of chips, a lemonade drink, and a sandwich for him – and a bag for him to carry it all around in. When I got out to him he was sitting on the curb eating a sandwich that someone ELSE had bought him at Haggens – and as I was putting together the bag of food I’d bought for him, ANOTHER man came out of Haggens with a sandwich for him! He laughed and handed the hungry man his sandwich – apologized to the man for taking so long – he’d gotten “caught up” in there – and said it looked like he would have enough food to get him through the day. The hungry man thanked him profusely, and the man who’d brought him the sandwich smiled and said, “Thank YOU!”

I gave the hungry man the bag I’d put together for him and said, “Bless you!” and he replied, “God bless you! This is so wonderful! Thank you! God bless you!”

There was just so much love there – it really touched me.

When I got home I realized I’d left my purse up there somewhere. I called Haggens to see if anyone had turned it in – and of course someone had turned it in! With all my money and cards and everything still in there!

People taking care of each other. I love that.

Here are some recent photos from the Bellingham boardwalk…

Zen Day on the Baker Lake Trail

We had a beautiful, perfect, Zen day on the Baker Lake Trail today. We heard birdsong in the forest, listened to the music of waterfalls, and I felt the magical whisper of butterfly wings grazing my arm. We met new friends: Mark and Edwige (who’s visiting from Paris) are on a road trip – I practiced my old high school French on Edwige and, to her credit, she did not laugh at me; Shelly, Paul and Braden were skimming across Baker Lake in their kayaks and stopped paddling for a moment so we could exchange how-dos and talk about the joys of kayaking.