Weekend Doings in Bellingham

Snakes! And an otter! And the Farmers’ Market!


Soaking Up the Rays in Bellingham

artsy tulips

Artsy Tulips

It has been a long, gray couple of months in the Pacific Northwest. I believe it is safe to say we will not be having a water shortage this summer. But the last couple days have reminded us what spring can look like here. And the folks of Bellingham have made good use of it…

Cairn-making in Bellingham

Found Jon and friends making cairns along the beach of Bellingham Bay. And THEN I ran into an old student and his sister in Boulevard Park – I love it when I run into old friends on my walk. And THEN I I saw the Alaska Ferry on Bellingham Bay – and I’d never seen the ferry out of dock and cruising on the bay before – it looked so ENORMOUS out of the dock. I turned to a fellow walker and pointed the ferry out to him. He said he’d been struck by how big it looked out there, too.  And as I talked to him, I realized that… “I think I know you,” I said. “Are you from the garden shop in Fred Meyer’s?” And he was! He’s one of my favorite people at Freddy’s! Isn’t it fun to meet people out of context? 🙂

Seen in Bellingham

I love it when the sun breaks through and brings happy humanity outside with it…

I saw the bubbles first, and was drawn to them like a hummingbird to a petunia. In fact – and this is embarrassing to admit – but (ahem) I did not even notice Spencer Winters, the slackline-walker in the background, until the bubbles had all sailed away and I’d moved on down the ramp.  I started focusing my camera on Spencer then – impressed with his rope-walking – but until I downloaded my photos onto my computer I didn’t realize I’d captured Spencer in my bubble pictures, too.  The lesson here is that sometimes what’s going on in the background can be just as cool as what you’ve got your camera focused on.


Bubbles over Bellingham Bay. (Spencer Winters on the slackline in the background.)