New Friends on Mount Rainier

Last weekend my family and I gathered at Mount Rainier to do a memorial hike for my mom, who passed on six months ago.  I tell a little more about our weekend in a blog post on another wordpress site  – but I wanted to take time here to talk about some of the way cool people we met while we were at Rainier last weekend.

First, I have to mention this young man: I was looking around for someone who looked like they knew what to do with a camera, and saw him taking photos. I asked him if he would mind taking a photo of my family for me, and he said sure – and then he not only took one picture, but (like a true professional) took a few, just to be sure.  the man who took our picture this one

Then there was this couple – Kathy and Yonsin – who I met on my way down from a hike on the day of the eclipse. I asked them if they’d seen the eclipse and they said they didn’t have eclipse glasses, so I let them borrow mine. I loved watching the look on their faces when they saw what was going on up there…

Kathy and Yonsin

And as I stopped at Myrtle Falls to snap a picture, I ran into this group of enthusiastic young students from Central Washington University. They were taking a biome class at CWU that was taking them all over the state. They knew some pretty nifty stuff about science, too – they showed me how to look for the patterns in the shadows that showed there was an eclipse going on. Top row (from left to right): Carlee Carlucci, Jaelle Downs, Prof. Paul James, and Adam Hess. Bottom row: Clarissa DeLaVergne, Shiya Lin, Lee Thompson.

Carlee Carlucci, Jaelle Downs, Paul James, Adam Hess, bottom Clarrisa De LaVergne, Shiya Lin, Lee Thompson

There was all kinds of magic at Rainier last weekend – and a big part of the magic was the way cool people I met up there.

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