They Came in Threes

Seen in Bellingham today – Baby Edin in her cap with ears, and ducks, ducks, and more ducks…



First day back at school – no students, yet – just a day to get ready for the new year – a day I spend inside doing inside-stuff. And at the end of the day the blue sky calls to me and I head for the sunshine and fresh air in Bellingham to soak up the peace and joy…

I saw a woman sitting on the grass at the edge of the bay – she had a fabulous hat shielding her face – and her whole posture said “peace” to me. I had to take a photo. Later I ran into her on the trail and showed her the picture I’d taken of her. I told her how much I enjoyed her hat. I learned Christen is a blogger, too! Her blog can be found here.


cool hat

Christen Mattix and Her Fabulous Hat

The bay sparkled, the sun dazzled, and the boardwalk gave me gifts…

The Canadian Coastal Range

Looking north from Bellingham, Washington, the Canadian Coastals have been spectacular this week…


photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell


photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell

“Well, you don’t see THIS every day…”

Seen in Bellingham today: A man taking his truck for a spin; Brian in his kilt, passing another man in a kilt; a heron and cormorant hanging out together on the posts in Boulevard Park.