Bellingham Festooned

Christmas has come to Bellingham!


“Are we crazy?!” (or “I have found my people!”)

The rain was pouring from the sky in my part of the world. I mean… we’re talking a deluge here. And what did I choose to do? Yeah. It seemed the perfect time for a nice little hike around Lake Padden.

I took to asking this question of everyone I passed on the trail: “Are we crazy?!” I shall provide the answers to my question below:

“Are we crazy?!” I asked the young man who was deep in thought – a somber expression on his face. At my question his face was transformed by a happy grin. “It’s a lovely day,” he said, and in my mind I heard him say in a drawling British accent, “A lovely day for a stroll.”

“Are we crazy?!” I asked what looked to be a mom and her teen-aged son who were just finishing a jog. She smiled and said, “I feel so much better now!”

“Are we crazy?!” I asked the youngish couple as they passed. They laughed, and the woman said, “Yes! Isn’t it awesome?!”

“Are we crazy?!” I asked the young woman walking by me like she was on a mission from God. The serious look on her face changed into a grin, and she said, “Yes!” and then, “No, actually!”

“What do you think? Are we crazy?!” I asked the man approaching me with his dog. He looked down at his jeans and said, “I was just thinking… my jeans are dripping into my boots…” and then he shrugged, and said, “Well… it’s the Northwest…” and smiling, continued on his way.

And I realized that today I found “my people” at Lake Padden. Are we crazy? Probably. But what a wonderful time we had on this rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.





Exit Autumn. Enter Christmas.

Scene change. Exit autumn, stage left. Enter Christmas, stage right…

Everyone Waves in Bellingham

Everyone waves in Bellingham. Pedestrians wave when you stop so they can cross the street. Drivers wave when you stop so they can pull out of a parking space. Drivers wave to PEDESTRIANS when they’re crossing in front of them. It is very cool.

Yesterday I drove up to Bellingham after school because I really needed some friendly waves. I also wanted to see how autumn was unfolding up there, and maybe check out what people in Boulevard Park were up to on that fine and sunny day. Here’s some of what I found…

Bellingham 9-28

I was feeling overwhelmed today. Depressed.

So I drove up to Bellingham after work for a walk on the boardwalk. I felt my body craving sunshine and fresh air and movement. And it was so lovely up there – seagulls flying, children laughing, the leaves just starting to change color, friendly smiles, families spending time together, jaunty little sailboats skimming across the bay. The youngest son was going to meet me for dinner in a little while, and I’d just gotten off the phone with the oldest son. I knew I’d see my husband soon. And I had one of those perfect, complete, love-filled moments – one of those moments when I KNEW everything was right with the world – a moment when I felt wealthy with love and peace. A moment when all the worries and fears about our planet just melted away and all that was real – the only thing that mattered, really – was love. I wish I could explain this better. But… it was really beautiful. It brought me peace.

I’m going to try to hang onto my memory of that moment in the weeks ahead…

(Photos by Karen Molenaar Teerrell)