This Weekend in Bellingham

What a dazzling, beautiful weekend in Bellingham! Bellingham sparkled with sunshine and springtime…

On Saturday I walked from Fairhaven to downtown Bellingham, stopped for lunch at La Fiamma’s, and then hiked back to Fairhaven again. Along the way I met some way cool people following clues for The Whatcom Mystery Team on the trail – and I was there when Josiah found a clue!

And on Sunday I took a quick walk from Fairhaven to Boulevard Park – saw birds on the water, in the trees, flying in the air – and met a precious family of pups – Duke the pitbull, and his siblings, Bow and Little…



Stephen’s New Hair-Do and Flipped Reflections

Spent some time in Bellingham this weekend – both on the boardwalk and at Lake Padden. As always, I felt uplifted and refreshed by my time there.

In Boulevard Park I met a man with a beautiful smile and his “first ever hair-do” – he let me take a picture of him with the new ‘do he’d given himself –
Stephen and his new hair-doAnd this morning at Lake Padden, the water was a perfect mirror…


First day back at school – no students, yet – just a day to get ready for the new year – a day I spend inside doing inside-stuff. And at the end of the day the blue sky calls to me and I head for the sunshine and fresh air in Bellingham to soak up the peace and joy…

I saw a woman sitting on the grass at the edge of the bay – she had a fabulous hat shielding her face – and her whole posture said “peace” to me. I had to take a photo. Later I ran into her on the trail and showed her the picture I’d taken of her. I told her how much I enjoyed her hat. I learned Christen is a blogger, too! Her blog can be found here.


cool hat

Christen Mattix and Her Fabulous Hat

The bay sparkled, the sun dazzled, and the boardwalk gave me gifts…

Soaking Up the Rays in Bellingham

artsy tulips

Artsy Tulips

It has been a long, gray couple of months in the Pacific Northwest. I believe it is safe to say we will not be having a water shortage this summer. But the last couple days have reminded us what spring can look like here. And the folks of Bellingham have made good use of it…

Cairn-making in Bellingham

Found Jon and friends making cairns along the beach of Bellingham Bay. And THEN I ran into an old student and his sister in Boulevard Park – I love it when I run into old friends on my walk. And THEN I I saw the Alaska Ferry on Bellingham Bay – and I’d never seen the ferry out of dock and cruising on the bay before – it looked so ENORMOUS out of the dock. I turned to a fellow walker and pointed the ferry out to him. He said he’d been struck by how big it looked out there, too.  And as I talked to him, I realized that… “I think I know you,” I said. “Are you from the garden shop in Fred Meyer’s?” And he was! He’s one of my favorite people at Freddy’s! Isn’t it fun to meet people out of context? 🙂