Morning Walk to Marine Park

On Saturday and Sunday I’d taken my walk on Bellingham’s boardwalk, and today I decided I wanted to do something different – I wanted to explore some place I hadn’t been for awhile. So I decided that today I would head down to Marine Park – I think the last time I’d been there was in the summer when I’d taken my 99 year-old dad for a drive and ended up at the park…

Dad at the park

Today I was just going to be taking myself.

I parked in my favorite place and headed down to the Coffee Junction. The Coffee Junction holds a special place in my heart. When I had the opportunity to rebuild my life seven years ago one of the things I did was to start selling my photo note cards at this little coffee shop. Granted, I never made a whole lot of money on this venture – but it was the idea of it – the idea that anything was possible, and that I was free to explore all kinds of new paths in my life – that was the important thing for me.

coffee junction

I ordered a breve from Heather and, even though I haven’t been to the Coffee Junction for, like, years maybe, when I was rooting around in my wallet I found my Coffee Junction card right away (if you could see all the flotsam and jetsam I’ve got in my wallet, you’d understand why that was such a big deal 🙂 ). When I brought out my debit card to pay for my coffee I asked Heather to put another five dollars on there to pay for the next person’s drink, too. She said she loved it when people did that for each other.

I brought my breve with me and walked on down to the park. It was quiet and peaceful down there. There was a way cool dog named Bo, catching tennis balls that his humans were throwing to him – at one point he was carrying around two tennis balls in his mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before… 🙂

bo and tennis balls 3

I left the park and started back to my car. On the way I stopped off at the coffee shop to see if anyone had been the recipient of the coffee I’d paid for, and Heather came out to greet me – a big grin on her face – to tell me that a sweetheart of a person named Cora had gotten the pay-it-forward coffee. Heather said she was the perfect person for the coffee, and that made me smile.

A couple more blocks up the street and I remembered there was a little path that winds its way through the green belt, so I left the asphalt and headed for the dirt.  But as I stepped onto the trail I recollected the best part of the trail was actually the part that went back to Marine Park – and so back to the park I went.

The trail to the park passes through a dog park, and as I approached the dog park a young dog came skipping down the trail to me. I held out my hand and she came up to me to get a pet on the head. Her humans watched her in shock. They explained that their dog, Yaga, was only six months old and very shy and they’d never seen her approach a human like she’d approached me – without any hesitation or fear. That totally made my day. You know when a dog trusts you, you’re okay…

Down to the park again… and then back up through mossy woods, to my car, and home again…

ducks Canada geese birdsmossy tree 2mossy tree

What a great morning!



Waving to the Amtrak

Okay, this tickles me –
Whenever an Amtrak train goes zipping by I just gotta wave. I cannot help myself. So the other night Andrew takes the family out to dinner (it’s his Christmas gift to us) – and we’re all sitting there (Scott, Xander, Andrew, and Andrew’s girlfriend, Sierra) and Sierra and Andrew start talking about a trip they took on the Amtrak to Vancouver last weekend. And (this is the part that has me cracking up) apparently as their train went cruising by Bellingham Bay last weekend they saw me down on the boardwalk waving up at the cars. “Look!” Sierra said to Andrew as their train rumbled passed, “There’s your mom!” Hahhahahar!  Ain’t life fun?!

(I happened to take a photo of the train that day – little did I know my son and his girlfriend were on there.)

Amtrack train


A Fine Weekend in Bellingham

It was a fine weekend in Bellingham, Washington…
There were ducks on parade; a sweet pitbull-boxer named Marilyn who licked my hand and wagged her stubby tail and pulled her human along on an invigorating jog; a banjo player strumming on the corner of 11th and Harris; a floppy-eared rabbit named Lilly who curled up between my feet and wiggled her nose at me; a wispy spider web strung between winter branches; pink blossoms on a witch hazel tree; and the Canadian Coastals shining above the skyline in all their glory.

They Came in Threes

Seen in Bellingham today – Baby Edin in her cap with ears, and ducks, ducks, and more ducks…

A Day for the Birds (and also tea)

Took myself on a date in Bellingham. It was a perfect day for the birds – gray and drizzly. It was also a perfect day for tea and a scone in the CreativiTea Studio and Tea Bar after a nice wet walk on the boardwalk. There’s something wonderfully, magically cozy about sitting by a window on a cold, rainy day with a pot of warm chai, and Christmas music playing softly in the background…