Visitors from White Rock

I was waving to an Amtrak train as it sped past, and the lady next to me on the boardwalk saw what I was doing and started waving to the train, too. I knew, immediately, that she was a kindred spirit. 🙂  I chatted with Josephine for awhile then, and learned she and her companions were visiting from White Rock, Canada.

You meet the nicest people on the boardwalk…


Bellingham: The Week in Pictures

Seagulls chowing down on starfish and a crab, a drone zipping by overhead, Deanna and Jon celebrating their tenth anniversary of meeting, a fellow photographer enjoying the boardwalk, a red sailboat dancing on the waves, and reflections in the bay…

Drone, Drumming, and Daffodils (there’s a lot going on here!)

Bellingham Bay: remote control drone, way cool hair, plant sale,  kite-flying, sailboating,  lacrosse, seagulls, pups, reading, and drumming on the boardwalk… there’s a lot going on here!

Jenny’s Parisian Hat, Brenn’s First Day on the Job, Josh Gives His Time to A Good Cause, and Humongo Waves!!!